Andrea Taeggi – Noméri—Tere

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Noméri—Tere is Andrea Taeggi’s latest work, published as limited editions of a) professionally cut 12” dubplates, and b) booklets (incl. download code) featuring an essay (in German) by Marc Schwegler, as well as digitally.

The album is the culmination of a six-months period of research, residencies, recordings and composition carried out throughout 2017. Motivated by the need to shed new light over some of his earlier practices in acoustic music, Andrea started to grow a vocabulary using the sonic potential of the piano as a whole and fascinated by the wealth of timbres that one could yield from its inside part especially.

Noméri—Tere is informed by musical practices coming from different corners; Western contemporary classical music, southern Indian Karnatic music, free improvised music, just intonation, musique concrète, foley, synths and bass music.

The recordings were taken at EMS Stockholm on a special instrument: a re-tuned piano soundboard with its strings. Because of the more metallic colouration given by the tuning and because of how it was played (with mallets, bows, ebows, nails, etc), it can easily be mistaken for something other than a piano.

Formats / Editions: 30 professionally cut 12” dubplates / 300 booklets (incl. download code) / files
Release physical: April 19, 2018
Release digital: April 27, 2018

Album written, performed and recorded by Andrea Taeggi
Mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering
Dubplate cut by Marco Pellegrino at Analogcut Mastering

Essay written by Marc Schwegler

Graphic design by Kaj Lehmann

All right reserved

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12″ dubplate (incl. booklet & download code), Booklet (incl. download code), Files