Martina Lussi / Goner – ASIHNT / FOF19

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For PE-011, Präsens Editionen teamed up with fellow Lucerne-based label Hallow Ground. Martina Lussi and Goner will appear with LPs on Hallow Ground soon, but handed in two extra pieces of music for a lathe cut 10” that was created for a zweikommasieben-hosted Hallow Ground label-showcase at Lucerne’s Klub Kegelbahn. The edition of 18 pieces did sell out at the event, but the two tracks are available digitally here.

Lucerne-based artist Martina Lussi offers with “ASIHNT” an extended amalgam of the works she presented up until now—including Komposition O08 that was released through Präsens Editionen back in 2014 and various sound installations and presentations throughout Europe.
On the second track, “FOF19”, Goner presents an approach he already showed on Yogascum, the album originally released as a tape via Dominick Fernows’s Hospital Productions and now to be re-issued via Hallow Ground.

Lussi’s “ASIHNT” and Goner’s “FOF19” very much do feel like two sides of a coin, but still are independent insights in the two artists’ individual œuvres. One can only look forward to both their respective releases on Hallow Ground.

Format: Lathe cut (10”) / digital
Edition: 18
Release date: October 6, 2017 (physical) / November 17, 2017 (digital)

Written and produced by: Martina Lussi (“ASIHNT”), Goner (“FOF19”)
Mastered by: Samuel Savenberg (“ASIHNT”), Martin Maischein (“FOF19”)
Cut by: Remo Soland, Vinyllabor
Published by: Hallow Ground / Präsens Editionen

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